Welcome to the dark world of Celious, dominated by Goblinkin!

A Thousand yeas ago Lord Kharrion an evil emperor conquered the land and in doing so wiped out all written word. Leaving a world dominated by illiterate Goblinkin and monsters… During this time of cataclysm the elves, dwarves and humans banded together to defend the civilized world. Despite their valiant and heroic efforts Lord Kharrion was victorious and enslaved all he could.

You have been living in a world for fear and terror, goblinkin and other monstrous races have dominated the known world for a thousand years. Humans, dwarves, halflings and even the illusive elves are used as slaves in the great mines of the Orcs. You are a free from slavery at the moment but you know that at any time raiding parties of goblins can and will descend on your peaceful village and take what they want.

The world that you live in is a world without the written word. You and all that you know are illiterate. This is they way it has been for centuries and literacy has been forgotten. This is not something that you miss or even care about, at this point. You and all that you know have no need for writing in a world that is so full of dangers that simply surviving is the greatest concern for all. There is however, a great and rich tradition of storytelling, the history of the lands are passed down from generation to generation by bards. This is not a formal trade but one that has evolved from slave camps and village campfires.

You have grown up hearing the myth of the “Vault of all Knowledge” a place where peace and prosperity survive, where there is no hardship. Could this mythical place be true or just a fanciful dream?

Writings Rebirth